This course will now start on 10 MAY.
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Chairman: John Ogier

Guernsey is at a crucial economic juncture. We seek to recover from the Covid pandemic and the impact on the World Economy of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, while adjusting to new ways of working. Moreover the Island is facing the long-term issues of developing an economy and funding States services with an ageing demographic. This will result in increased health care needs.
In July the States will consider the Report from Policy and Resources following a period of engagement and consultation. Many would argue that the current housing crisis is related to the Island’s economic future as there is a great need for affordable housing to rent or purchase.
Environmental economic issues also cannot be ignored if we are to progress to a greener, low carbon future. What will this look like and how can we become more a part of the solution rather than the problem? Across the breadth and depth of all these issues affecting how we will live, earn and pay for public services, there is now an even greater need for informed public debate and engagement with States policies. These decisions will influence all our futures.
This course on the Guernsey economy will both inform you and give you the opportunity to engage in these issues that will affect both current and future generations.


John Ogier’s presentation: "Guernsey’s Economy & indications for the future” will now be on 28th June.


8 sessions on Tuesdays, 7.30pm - 9.30 pm, La Villette Hotel, St. Martin from 10 May
Cost: £50 for all 8 sessions, or come along on the night for £10 per evening.


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  • Chariman: John Ogier
    Starts: 10 May
    Day: Tuesdays
    Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
    Location: La Villette Hotel, St Martin
    Duration: 8 sessions

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