The events of 2020 – Covid-19, Brexit and a new States via Island-wide voting – will have economic ramifications, if not closure in 2021.
This WEA course has seen massive changes to our island in its 38 years but these transitions could be the greatest. The contributors will attempt to bring understanding through facts and informed opinion to its participants. After a full briefing on the island’s economic standing, income streams and running costs, the course will tackle the three major economic factors to hit Guernsey since WWII.

BREXIT comes in on January 1st for the UK and beside worries concerning logistics, it could have the greatest ramifications for Guernsey’s financial industries. There will be a latest appraisal of the position.
COVID-19 is likely to still be a major control on life and the economy – the session will attempt to understand both the cost to date and those going forward.
ZERO-10. It is almost a decade since Guernsey was forced into a zero-10 tax regime by the Isle of Man. Did we do it right? Can we change it now? Which direction must taxation take?
Island-wide voting has not only encouraged political parties but more significantly, influential ADVISORY GROUPS. Who are they, what influence will they have, what are their expectations?
Guernsey’s finance sector has firmly got its teeth into GREEN FINANCE. Is this a fad or has it really got a future for our Island and how can we stand in relation to enormous players like Germany and the Middle East?
MEDICINAL CANNABIS combined with our island’s remaining glasshouse structures – is this a fledgling industry and can it bring a return to horticulture – its owners and processors will tell us all.
DOCKS, TUNNELS AND RUNWAYS – hardly a month goes by without some new massive capital project being advanced. Could any of them be the island’s economic saviour? We look at a few and provide some answers.


The full programme will be announced in the new year.


8 sessions on Tuesday 7.30 - 9.30pm at La Villette Hotel, starting on 26 January

Economic Viewpoints of Guernsey

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  • Tutor: Various
    When: Tuesday Evenings 7.30pm - 9.30pm
    Where: La Villette Hotel
    Course Length: 8 weeks
    Starts: 26 January

    Half Term Break: 9 February

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