We have chosen subjects who are the less well-known Guernseymen but who nonetheless have fascinating histories. A series not to be missed. All thoroughly researched by experts.

7 April: Sir Donald Banks Following a distinguished military career in WW1 he went on to be Director General of the Post Office then in WW2 he was DG of the innovative Petroleum Warfare Department. He founded the Guernsey Society to keep exiled ‘Guerns’ in touch. Speaker – Steve Foote

14 April: Reg Blanchford Reg Blanchford was instrumental in the creation of the St John Ambulance Service before WWII then steered it through the difficulties of the Occupation before fashioning it into an efficient modern ambulance service with the latest ideas and technology, a marine ambulance, divers, a cliff rescue team and search RADAR. Speaker – Sylvia Brouard


21 April: Rev Mignot was a great local philanthropist and, amongst other things, presented Alderney with the Mignot Memorial Hospital in 1926. Speaker - Rosalyne Le Huray

28 April: Frederick Lukis Guernsey’s foremost Victorian archaeologist whose extensive detailed and accurate work laid the foundations for our understanding of the island’s past. Speaker – Sylvia Brouard

Wednesdays 7:30pm at Les Cotils, from 17 February. Talks will last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

Famous Guernseymen

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