Tutor: Chris Oliver

The course opens the history of just over 100 years ago that touched every Guernsey family. Established in 1916 as the only regiment of the British Army to speak French as a core language and without conscientious objectors rights, the RGLI went to France in June 1917 and returned in 1919. They were pivotal in the defence of the Cambrai sector in 1917 holding the line whilst other British regiments retreated, engagements included Passchendaele and the Battle of Lys – the last great German offensive of the Great War. Over 2 evenings we cover the road that established the regiment and their training, departure to war, the engagements, victories and losses and their eventual return and disbandment. The course is delivered by the co-founder of www.rgli.org, author and broadcaster of the BBC radio documentary of the same name..


2 sessions at Les Cotils, 20 and 27 October 7.30pm - 9.30pm


RGLI 'Battlefield Tour'

One weekend day by coach 10 – 4pm

Following on from the RGLI History courses, if there is sufficient interest this one day tour of the island will visit many places associated with the history of the regiment.


History of the RGLI

  • Tutor: Chris Oliver
    Where: Les Cotils
    When: 20 & 27 October
    Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

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