The Victorians had a fascination with natural sciences and founded many institutions in Britain to study and record all manner of data about the world around them. Guernsey was no different and in 1882 La Société Guernesiaise was founded to encourage the study of the history, natural history, geography and geology of our island.
It now flourishes and does a lot of important work. This series of talks, involving a variety of learned speakers, will introduce some of the many facets of La Société’s work.
Local historian, Richard Hocart will open with The story of La Société and its many characters. The recently elected Vice President Julia Henney will follow with a talk about the many “Reserves” owned, retained and managed by La Société on behalf of the island. They are all open to the public.
The Société’s activities are organised around 17 Sections and Projects, each with their own Secretaries (who sit on the Council) and management groups. Marine Biology is a very active section with many young members, watching, recording and explaining all that goes on in Guernsey’s waters. Laura Bampton (at work left) will describe their work.
A recent local success has been The Pollinator Project. One of its instigators, Barry Wells will describe the campaign. Three more sections will be described in the series: Botany by Helen Litchfield, Family History by Maria van der Tang and Astronomy by Jean M Dean. All are very popular with Islanders and provide research and education services to our island. The series will end with a review by President Donna Francis.


8 Thursday evenings, 7:30pm to 9:00pm, Frossard Theatre, Candie, 24 September – 26 November

La Société Guernesiaise – 140 years and thriving

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  • Series Chair: Roy Bisson
    When: Thursday Evenings 7.30pm - 9pm
    Where: Frossard Theatre, Candie
    Course Length: 8 weeks
    Starts: 24 September

    Half Term Break: 29 October & 5 November

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