Speaker: Chris Oliver

Being so close to the beaches of Normandy it is a popular destination for islanders to visit one of the most famous western locations of WW2. Operations Neptune and Overlord were the key landings in taking back Europe from Occupation, books have been written, and films made.
From the deployment of newly trained airborne divisions to the specially designed armoured fighting vehicles, landing craft, deception plans and today’s thought-provoking peaceful cemeteries. Normandy continues to fascinate generations as it gradually slips from first-hand memory.
In this series of four evenings, we will explore the strategic road to choosing Normandy, the decision to deploy and position the offensive, the air and sea borne transport together with the famous
landings and different stories and experiences.
It goes on to explore the Battle until its official end in August 1944. Our tutor will also recall the many personal stories he has collected from veterans for over thirty years. The course is deliberately designed to orientate you to get the most from your visit to the beaches.


4 Wednesdays at Les Cotils from 8 June, 7:30pm to 9:30pm


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  • Speaker: Chris Oliver
    Starts: 8 June
    Day: Wednesdays
    Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
    Location: Les Cotils
    Duration: 4 weeks

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