Speaker: Kay Davidson


Our impact around the world is significant when we stop and consider the source and origins of all we interact with in our daily lives. From our food choices, the clothes we wear, to the items we use in our homes, our consumption and lifestyle habits need to change to protect and care for this fragile planet. If you have a strong desire to become more sustainable but are unsure what else you can do, this feel-good course will give you multiple ways to take action. Focusing each week on small practical changes you can adopt, will lead to a reduction in your plastic, chemicals and carbon footprint. We hear a lot about sustainability in the wider context of governments, businesses and manufacturing but what does it mean at the individual, household, level?

We look at developing more sustainable habits in our every day lives here in Guernsey and learn how small changes, when combined, do make a difference. An interactive course finding various ways to achieve desired actions. Feedback and sharing knowledge are important aspects of the course.


5 sessions at Les Cotils on Mondays from 6 June to 4 July, 7:30pm – 8:30pm


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  • Speaker: Kay Davidson
    Starts: 6 June
    Day: Mondays
    Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm
    Location: Les Cotils
    Duration: 5 weeks

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